Welcome to Northern Girl Fitness. 

meMy name is Heather, and I am a Master of Kinesiology Student whose mission is to empower women from around the world to embrace their health with self-love.

Like many other women out there, I struggled for many years to incorporate health and fitness into my lifestyle. I think at some point we all have uphill battles that prevent us from living our best and most vibrant lives, and mine was anxiety and depression. Anxiety consumed my mind every time I thought about going to the gym because I didn’t know how to use the equipment, and I was worried about proper exercise form. I had difficulty even exercising on my own because I couldn’t commit to exercising 5 days per week like others had recommended. Other aspects of my health were also an issue, as I struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), food allergies (oral allergy syndrome) & migraines with aura.

I wouldn’t say that I suddenly had this “lightbulb” 💡 moment where everything fell into equilibrium and I suddenly became healthy & vibrant. The reality is that I struggled for a long time before figuring things out, and I am still figuring things out today. As a Master’s student, I was inspired by my own journey in using exercise to help cope with my symptoms of anxiety and depression, and began conducting research on an exercise-based mental health intervention for students. As I have immersed myself into the field of physical activity promotion, I became inspired to share this knowledge with others and help others live active & healthy lives. As I began to notice progress within my own personal fitness journey, many people around me began asking me for guidance or advice to help them on their own journey. I became even more motivated as the people around me began living active lives and sharing their own stories with me.

I now find myself here & I am finally in a place where I can help others and share my story. I am SO EXCITED to bring to you Northern Girl Fitness, which is a kick-ass community whose mission is to empower women to embrace their health with SELF-LOVE.

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Mission Statement: “Move your body, nourish your soul”

Our mission statement, “Move your body, nourish your soul” reflects our core values of promoting active, healthy living in a way that empowers us.


Artistic swimming

MOVE: Physical activity is experienced with movement (duh!), but it’s this movement that is the core foundation of unlocking its benefits. Northern Girl Fitness embraces the concept of moving your body in ways that make you feel good. We strive to make movement fun & easy for you.





Nature therapy

NOURISH: Investing in yourself and nourishing your body allows you to flourish in so many ways. Nourishment is not about striving for perfection, but rather living a life where you are your biggest priority. Northern Girl Fitness empowers women to practice self-love of the mind, body, and soul so they can thrive in all areas of live.


With all this said, I hope you’re ready to push yourself out of your COMFORT ZONE and start LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE. You’re in for a hell of a ride.



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