What I Eat in a Day with Oral Allergy Syndrome

What is Oral Allergy Syndrome_.pngI have struggled with Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) for many years, without knowing what was actually happening with my body. Every time I would eat fresh fruit and certain vegetables, my tongue would swell up and I had no idea what was happening! If you’re not sure what Oral Allergy Syndrome is and want to know, please check out my YouTube video on the subject here (or by clicking the image on the right).

Today, I will move beyond the pathophysiology of OAS, and in this video, I will share some of the recipes that I eat in a typical day with Oral Allergy Syndrome. For me the hardest thing was finding out what foods do not trigger a reaction, and making sure to incorporate those foods into my diet. I hope this provides you with a little inspiration, and I hope you enjoy it!


Having oral allergy syndrome can be hard and require a little extra planning sometimes. I highly recommend meal planning each week to keep your grocery list organized, and allow you to make healthy choices throughout the week! To help, I created a FREE meal planner for you to use, and you can access it here!

Weekly Meal Planner.jpg

What I Eat

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