My Plans for Next Year 💕

I can’t believe it is ALREADY November and I have crossed into the second half of my final year of undergrad. The past three years have flown by and I can’t believe that it is almost time for me to actually get out into the “real world”. In just a few short months, I will no longer have any commitments tying me down, no projects to worry about, no deadlines to meet. I will simply have to figure out how I will navigate my way through the forest of life. Simple… right?

My ultimate goal in life is to help people. This I know for sure. I know that I love teaching, and I am absolutely fascinated with promoting lifestyle change. Honestly, if my life worked out “perfectly” and I got to live my wildest dreams, I would love to be an author and a motivational speaker. I want to help people achieve their dreams and give them the tools to embark on their own lifestyle journeys. I want to inspire others to ignite their own flames and turn their dreams into bonfires.

With all this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that I have a few options to get me to this dream:

  1. Masters Degree
    • If I did a Masters Degree, I would do it within the realm of Health Promotion
    • I think it would be fascinating to look into how people have achieved lifestyle change. Is there a secret?
    • I think that a masters degree would give me the credibility to coach people through lifestyle change. I also think that it would give me an advantage over other applicants for jobs. Finally, this option would allow me to “dive into” and really explore an area of interest.
    • One added bonus is that once you have a Masters Degree, you have it for life. I wouldn’t have to worry about re-certifying or anything!
  2. Post-graduate Certificate
    • I could easily do a post-graduate certificate in something like Fitness & Health Promotion
    • This could help me develop hands-on skills to work with people in areas like personal training and health assessment
    • Honestly, I am not much of a “hands-on” learner… so I am not sure if this would be a good option for me
  3. See what jobs are out there
    • Ultimately, my goal is to be employable when I finish my education
    • If I am lucky enough, I might find my dream job right out of undergrad!
    • I think regardless, I will apply to jobs and see what I can get.
  4. Take a break…?
    • Maybe I should just take a break, travel around the world and just “do me”?
    • BAAH! This is hard!

So… what will it be? This question has been haunting me for the past month. Application deadlines for Graduate school will begin in January, so I am hoping to have it figured out well before then. Stay tuned and wish me luck!

Heatherly 💕

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